Author: Karin

Jesus Saves …

… Go therefore What do you believe about salvation? A question I sometimes get asked is, what is my view of salvation? Usually, what is behind that is, do I have a Calvinist or Armenian view? Now, the person asking me may not put it like that, but that’s generally what it comes down to! […]

Priscilla – Partnering in God’s work

PRISCA (Πρίσκα, Priska). Her name means worthy or venerable. The name is of Roman origin, and it is suggested that she belonged to a distinguished Roman family. She is also known as Priscilla (Πρίσκιλλα, Priskilla), the diminutive form of Prisca. Although Roman by birth, she was a Jewish-Christian teacher and coworker of Paul who supported and led churches with her […]