A passionate educator and Bible teacher, I have had the privilege of teaching Bible in high schools, churches, run Sunday school, mentored at Bible College and taught online. I love to read and study God’s word, having completed studies through C3 College online, and I am currently enrolled in a Master of Theological studies. My favorite subjects are studying the Bible, understanding Bible context, and digging into church history.


Already a creative mixed media artist, it was with joy that I was introduced to Bible journalling by a friend in 2017. What an incredible opportunity to combine my love for messy art with the study of God’s Word. During the world lockdown in 2020, I learned how to share that passion with others online. You can see some of my artwork on my Instagram account. And I will be sharing that here too!


It is God who is the center of my live, His Word forms my foundation, His will my passion, His counsel my direction. And He has given me a heart for helping women know more of God, through the in-depth study of His word. I come from an Evangelical/Pentecostal Christian background. The work I present here, my videos online, my blog, and my publications, will be presented from that perspective.


Canberra, ACT