5 prophets in 5 days

5 Prophets in 5 Days

A journey through the books of Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, and Habakkuk.

Be honest, how many of us have read these books, understood them, or thought about how they applied to our lives? And were you aware that they actually point to Jesus?

In this devotion, supported by 5 videos on YouTube, I take you through the study of these 5 books, often called “minor prophets” and take you through the person, date and setting, the purpose of writing and more.

Join me today, by downloading this booklet, printing it out (or filling it out on your computer), and then watching the videos.

Take time to read the Biblical books – one a week. And then over five weeks, see what God reveals to you about each of the prophetical books, His character and how we find the redemptive thread – where is Jesus in each of the books?

Now more than ever, we have to remember – we serve a powerful and almighty God, who is in control of both nature and nations!

Download the devotional booklet here and start filling in the information as you read the book and view the videos. Feel free to share what you find either in the comments on my YouTube channel or tag me on Instagram.

I look forward to hearing how you go!

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