I love teaching God’s Word. A passionate educator and bible teacher, I have had the privilege of teaching bible in high schools, churches, run Sunday school, mentored at Bible College and taught online. I love to read and study God’s word, having completed studies through C3 College Online, and I am currently enrolled in a Master of Theological Studies. My favorite subjects are the Bible, biblical context, and church history.

The teachings appear under 3 headings: Devotions, Bible Study Tools, and Bible Studies. Devotions are my thoughts and studies on passages of the Bible.

Bible Study Tools are taken from a series of teachings I presented online, through Facebook. As I get time I will update these. But here I looked at understanding how to use a concordance, what is a doctrine, how do I use cross references, and so on.

Finally, the Bible Studies are initially all the thematic studies I presented online based on some of the books of the Bible. But as I have time, I will present a few more.

All teaching videos are available on my YouTube channel.

Latest Teaching Posts

  • 7 Principles for Bible Interpretation
    I love the Word of God. And I love that God made it for everyone. It is available for everyone to read, whether in hard copy, or on your mobile devise. It is, as Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart say, meant to be read and comprehended by everyone […]